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SB 326

With the passing of SB 326 & SB 721, Property Managers will be required to follow stricter guidelines along with important inspections to ensure the safety of Exterior Elevated Elements (landings, decks, handrails, railing, raised walkways). Failure to comply with these new regulations will result in fines and the potential for building safety liens. Are property managers properly educated and prepared to execute the requirements necessary to provide a new level of public safety to Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE’s)?

What You Need to Know

Examples of Common Problematic Areas

  • Seams in sheet metal flashing. 

  • Small gaps that can trap water and debris.

  • Edge conditions and penetrations: drip edge flashing, guardrail penetrations, wall base flashings, and door thresholds. 

  • Cut ends of wood members.

  • Soft spots in decking, cracks or seams in waterproofing, and improper sloping of the deck. 

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